This Guy’s In Love With You, Mare – A Film Review

I’ve been watching Vice Ganda’s Film since the first (Petrang Kabayo) introduced her to the Big Screen. This seems to be a habit and a social call to watch the blockbuster superstar every now and then.

The Story:

The movie is basically about a gay name Lester (Vice Ganda) who once had a relationship with a handsome promodizer boy (Mike – Luis Manzano), but as vice tried to pursue their relationship to the next level, the unthinkable occur—they broke up. Out of the blue, Mike entered a new relationship with Gemma (played by Toni Gonzaga); a typical bank teller.

As Lester discovered Mike having a relationship with Gemma, Lesters’ love, bitterness and hatred pushed him towards a decision of acting a man and courting Gemma to make her fall out of love with Mike.

A story of love and revenge rolls out of the big screen, the stereotypical insertion of comedy acts takes place as the trademark of Vice Ganda and the Director—Wenn V. Deramas.

The Movie:

This happens to be the third movie of Vice Ganda, all seems to be a blockbuster in a row. The comedy acts on both the comedy and the drama elements of the movie seems to be the trademark of every Vice’s movie.

But unlike the first two movies, this seems to draw less attention. It is a normal trend of Philippine cinema when the actors and actresses are the front marketing strategy of the movie. People are still seeking for stories and not for the actors and actresses.

Good Points:

This movie is definitely a fun movie to watch, making me laugh countless times, most are out of funny acts and the rest are for lines. Vice Ganda has been famous for giving lives to small yet extremely funny gestures—a sign that the big screen superstar is really talented actor of our generation.

The plot of the story for me is better than Private Benjamin and the chemistry of the main characters (Vice and Toni) has been put up so well that the kilig factor overcome the fact the vice is a gay—this is for me is an effective execution of the film’s story element.

Another good point is it tackles one of the society’s issue on bisexuality in a light and seamless way, which makes it a must seen movie for the third sex’s population bracket.

With the film’s Comedy genre, for me it is really effective since it makes me laugh countless times.

Room For Improvement:

For the past two films of Vice (Private Benjamin and This Guy’s In Love With You, Mare) I really find it too commercialized, the script focuses more on bringing out the comedy out of the actors and actresses but not on the flow of the story itself.

I’ve been staring over a lot of characters on this story for an hour and a half, but until the movie ends, questions still remain in my mind; What are those characters doing in a film? They are there, but what do they portray?

The film focuses on the main characters (Luis, Toni and Vice) leaving the rest of the cast moving around them as a support, but the worst would be, some acts like a props—no dialog and no significant action.

And although I mentioned before that this film has a better plot than Private Benjamin, I must admit that in contrary, Private Benjamin has a better screenplay (script) than this. I find it interesting to insert famous movie lines of star cinema’s previous films, but it is not too effective to those who haven’t watched it yet. I am looking forward for the film to have its own quotable line, but it fails to execute.


I recommend this film to anyone that looks for a good local comedy film; it will definitely make you laugh.



Mark Colentava

Mark is an Electronics Engineering student at Bataan Peninsula State University, he is also a web enthusiast and entrepreneur who is very much interested in building new and innovative ideas that can benefit mankind.

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